Welcome to the first NAMP website it will inshallah become a central point for us to highlight the achievements of all the AMP’s and NAMP.

The National Association of Muslim Police has continued to grow since its conception, currently we have 10 affiliated forces, 3 Forces in interim phase and 3 others who are considering Interim/Affiliation status. NAMP is thus represented in 30% of the police forces. We also have one Scottish force within the family with another considering. Insha’allah the family will grow with time and continuing work.


The National Association of Muslim Police was launched in July 2007 to be the first national representative body of Muslim Police Officers and Police Staff within the United Kingdom.  At the time of its launch, there were several Muslim Police Associations in existence .
However, due to the challenges faced by Muslim Staff a meeting was held between Home Office and ACPO to explore this gap. It was agreed to launch a National Body to work at a strategic level and support the growth of the NAMP family.


The NAMP launch was hosted by British Transport Police AMP at their Headquarters in Camden London. This was attended by Rt Hon T McNulty-Minister of policing,Peter Fahy ACPO lead on Race and Diversity, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain and Commander Richard Gargini from the National Community Tension Team.
The main aims of the association are to support the recruitment and retention of Muslim Employees, including assisting with career progression opportunities; to support members across a range of welfare needs; to promote a wider understanding of Islam within the police service and the wider community; and promote community cohesion, including engaging with local communities.
Superintendent Dal Babu, National Chair of the association, said "the association would work closely with the Police Federation and other police related support associations to identify opportunities where they could assist officers."
Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, pledged his organisation's support to the new association. 'Police are servants of the community and community service is the way to please God,' he told the meeting. 'We will try to help you as much as possible.'
Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Cheshire and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) lead on Race and Diversity, also welcomed the birth of the NAMP. 'There are two key issues,' he said. 'Firstly providing support for Muslim officers and staff in what is undoubtedly a difficult time. Secondly working with us on difficult issues of community cohesion and combating extremism.'
In such a short space of time the associations  has shown its partnership approach with benefits being acknowledged by many organisations both within the police service and the wider community.

'Muslims making a difference to Policing'
Mission Statement
  • Promote recruitment, retention and progression of Muslim Police Officers and Staff within the Service
  • Support the welfare and religious needs of our members
  • Promote an understanding of Islam within the Police Service and the wider community thereby contributing to community cohesion
Achievements to date
  • Ten constituted and three interim AMP's set up across the country.
  • Tackle Islamophobia and Islamic Awareness.
  • Establishing Partners for service delivery.
  • First National Conference .
  • Work at a strategic and operational level towards its key priorities.
  • Regular meetings with partners i.e. Home Office Ministers , ACPO,NPIA and the Police Federation.
  • Publication of a Newsletter.
  • Development of a Website -
  • Advice and guidance offered on National Policing issues.
  • Single point of contact to a number of forces in relation to Muslim issues.
  • Improving community engagement.
  • Further the aims of the Association.
  • Continue to develop and build on achievements to date.
  • Continue supporting other forces who want to establish an AMP (Association of Muslim Police) in the very near future.
  • Share best practice amongst AMP's .
  • First Muslim Women’s Conference Nov 2008.
  • Ongoing work to tackle Islamophobia.
  • Recruitment/Retention and Progression of Muslim Staff.
  • Develop working plans for AMP's.
  • Increase community engagement both at local and national level.
  • Mentoring scheme for Muslim youth.
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