About us

Our primary role is to support Muslim colleagues, both Officers and Staff.
Currently there are 12 affiliated local associations including one in Scotland and the most recent being West Yorkshire in England. In addition 3 others are in an interim phase and another 4 interested in joining.

We have grown beyond expectation from our initial launch in 2007 when there were just 3 affiliated Associations.

NAMP’S key objectives are:

  • Support Network.
  • Increase Trust /Confidence and improve Community Cohesion.
  • Recruitment/Retention and Progression.
  • Raising Islamic Awareness and dealing with Equality issues such as Islamophobia.

The National Executive Committee comprises locally elected chairs and 4 nationally elected posts, President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer.

Current Elected Posts:

President                 Zaheer Ahmad
Vice President         Yousef Dar
General Secretary    Nedj Nedjet
Treasurer                 Rob Ritchie (Interim)

The National body is focused on delivering key Strategic issues, the local AMP’s concentrate on local tactical matters. 

NAMP is a Muslim organisation that welcomes the diversity of Islam and does not concentrate on any specific strands or sects of Islam.