Events / Conferences

1st Annual Conference

Title:  Muslim Police - Improving Trust, Confidence and Safety
Date:  29 January 2008

This was NAMP’s first ever conference and proved to be a real milestone
in the growth and momentum of our organisation.
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NAMP Female Conference
Title:  Engaging Muslim Women
Date:  13th November 2008

NAMP organised the 1st ever Muslim womens conference at the Home Office. There were over 100 attendees, almost 90% of attendees and speakers were female including the Home Secretary, Right Honourable Jacqui Smith MP. The key issues highlighted by Muslim women form part of our report.
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2nd Annual Conference

Title:  Working Towards Community Cohesion
Date:  16th March 2009

Our 2nd  annual conference was held at Ryton on Dunsmore in Coventry. It was a resounding success with over 250 attendees, speakers including Right Hon Vernon Coaker MP Minister for Policing, Right Hon Sadiq Khan MP Minister for community cohesion and senior police figures.