Community Confidence

NAMP Mentoring Project

The Mentoring programme is specifically aimed at engaging with a group of 23 Muslim youths from two boroughs in the London Area. This includes a mix of boys and girls who have been identified for various reasons.
This initiative is a follow on from the successful programme at an Inner London Borough which has now been extended to two other boroughs

The project is a collaborative project delivered jointly by the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP), the relevant boroughs and the Local Schools.

The project is being delivered by 23 trained Mentors who have been selected and consist of both Officers and Staff and is running for a six month period.

The key objectives of the project are:
o    Promoting Social Cohesion
o    Understanding local/National Government
o    Promoting public sector (where there is under representation)
o    Esteem and Confidence Building.

This scheme is being rolled out in several Forces.